From 0 to 10,000 Keywords Ranking in Just 2 Months

On a Starter Website

The commands

TheCommands is an online constantly updated database of console commands, cheats and gaming-related help which lets users to use the cheats on their favourite games to enjoy the maximum limits of the game. 

“Achieving these great results within just two months that too on a starter website is an amazing start for a website. It just proves that if done correctly, an SEO can achieve any results possible.”

– FOUNDER of TheCommands

The Problem

ClickOn had a tough challenge to start a website and make it grow as fast as possible from their CEO & Founder, so team ClickOn took the challenge and started the hunt. 

This project had a lot of challenges, such as Finding a profitable and easy to rank niche, getting it developed in the custom language (creating the silo structure, getting all the technical errors fixed because, in a custom website, there are usually more errors than a WordPress website) and last but not least creating and implementing an SEO strategy to skyrocket the website growth.

The Solutions

1. Niche Research

Niche research is a critical success factor for TheCommands. If it weren’t for the niche, we wouldn’t be able to achieve these numbers.

While conducting niche research, we kept the following in mind:

  • There should be a lot of keywords to work on in the niche.
  • Most of the keywords should have high search volume.
  • The posts can be published without the assistance of a writer.
  • Our post count can go up to more than 10 per day.
  • Keywords need to be easy to rank.


The reason we set this criterion is due to the fact that we recently saw many websites die because of not updating their content regularly (or not updating at all). Past were the days when SEOs used to create a niche website, build some backlinks and leave it for 6 months and the website used to start ranking on its own, but this is not the case anymore.

A website that doesn’t publish new content or update it later will have a slow growth .

2. Website Development

Our developer started the development of the website once we had finished the niche research. Our team continued to research and gave directions to the developer regarding the SILO structure, URL structure, and whatever else was required for the website.

It took almost 1 month for the developer to develop the website in a custom language called Laravel.

3. Technical SEO

Once the development of the website was completed, our team of SEO specialists examined all the technical errors on the site.

With our technical SEO review, ClickOn identified multiple issues with the website such as the SSL Configuration, Canonical Tags, Redirects, etc. and we then provided instructions to the developer to get them all resolved.

technical seo

4. OnPage Strategy

Team clickon started publishing posts on the website daily as soon as it was developed and error-free.

No matter what our team kept publishing the content on a daily basis, we were able to get about 10+ pages live and indexed every day. Because We’ve seen those websites ranking well which updates their content regularly.

Never to mention all the posts were SEO optimized and the User Experience was matchless.

5. User Experience

No matter how many posts we have been publishing daily, if we didn’t care about the User Experience, we would not have achieved the results that we have.

Based on our experience, no matter how hard you work on SEO, no matter how much effort you put into following the SEO rules, if you fail to pay attention to the user’s experience, all of your efforts will be in vain.

So pay close attention to UX along with all the SEO factors if you want fast results.

6. Backlinks

We haven’t actively worked on link building for this website. The results achieved are mainly because of the onpage efforts.

We just built 2 article submission links in Feb, 1st on medium and 2nd on hacker noon. Other than that We haven’t worked on building backlinks.

“Achieving these great results within just two months that too on a starter website is an amazing start for a website. It just proves that if done correctly, an SEO can achieve any results possible.”

– Founder of TheCommands

The Results

In just 2 months, TheCommnads experienced amazing growth as a result of team ClickOn’s efforts and data-driven strategy. As a result of our SEO campaign, we have ranked 10.5k keywords, most of which are high search volume and high CPC keywords. In response to these rankings, TheCommands started getting nearly 800 organic visitors daily. 

Achieving Fast results is possible if you play the game right. No matter what your niche is, post new content regularly to maximize your growth.